King single is the new standard size

King single is the new standard size

Ever since the rise in the growth of population in the past few years, the rise in the demand of beds has increased outrageously. The consumers of the bed market have different needs and wants and in order to satisfy and reach majority of the needs, the bed manufacturing brands started to produce beds of numerous sizes. These sizes met the needs of majority of the population. Ranging from a small single bed to the king sized double bed, companies started offering bed sizes in a whole lot range to capture a big share of market in such a competitive market.

The Standard Double Bed:

The standard double bed is the traditional size used by majority of the population across the globe. This size is one of the oldest sizes being used to manufacture beds by majority of the companies since the start. But over the past few years, the sales in the standard sized double bed are decreasing due to the introduction of many different sizes suiting to the consumer’s needs.

Introducing King Single Size:

The introduction of the king single sized bed was done in the modern era of civilization depending on the consumer’s needs. At first, it wasn’t a popular bed size among the common mass due to its small size. Introducing the King Single sized bed with the dimension of 107cm wide and 209cm long, it became the most ideal bed size for growing teenagers and children and single adults living in a one bedroom apartment to conserve space in a little space.

King Single Going Famous:

Old Families preferred the Standard double sized beds due to its spacious and bigger size for individuals. With time, the trend has been shifted to the King Single sized beds as becoming one of the most popular bed sizes among the common mass. Due to the rising growth of population, majority of the population comprising of children and teenagers were attracted towards the king single size due to its new designs and small space providing teenagers to have more space in their rooms. The king single became one of the most popular sizes of all times.

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