Laminate wood flooring vs. stone flooring

Laminate wood flooring vs. stone flooring

Laminate wood flooring is multi-layer synthetic wooden flooring made by solid wood fused together with a lamination process. The lamination provides the wooden flooring with a photographic appliqué layer under a transparent protective layer to protect the solid wood from any kind of damage. Whereas, Stone Flooring is a single layered flooring made by stones or most commonly marble tiles fused together with each other without any lamination process to protect the flooring from any kind of damage.


Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity and use in the past few years due to its cheap cost and easy installation. Whereas the traditional stone flooring is expensive and requires experts for its installation adding more cost to the flooring. Laminate Wood flooring is relatively easy for a homeowner to install. The laminate flooring is packaged into tongue and groove planks of wood which can be joined into one another. Some manufacturers provide the wood lamination with a glued backing for easy installation which covers the floor. For ease, foam or film underlayment is also used to provide soft moisture to the wooden lamination and also to reduce the sound. On the other hand, the Stone flooring requires cement to cover the floor with the stones mostly filling in the spaces between the stones too. It is quite expensive and time consuming as compared to the modern wood lamination flooring. The Stone flooring requires time for the cement to dry and hold the tiles or the stones firmly into the ground. It can be used on both a sub floor or on a raw ground.


The laminated wooden flooring requires low and cheap maintenance as it can be replaced in a low cost once again or even laminated once again for much lower cost whereas the stone and tile flooring requires proper maintenance with buffing machines to maintain the shine and polish if marble stone flooring is being used. The process is time consuming and costly.


Lamination wood flooring is becoming more popular and popular by the day due to its easy installation and cost effectiveness. Due to majority of the population lying in the middle and lower class, they opt for cost effective products and the wooden lamination flooring providing them with a cheap and better alternative to the traditional stone flooring, it added a great deal of fame to the rising demand among the common mass.