Lit futon – a japanese style mattress

Lit futon – a japanese style mattress

Lit futon is Japanese mattresses that are designed to be placed on the bed or on the floor. The word Futon in Japanese means bedding. These mattresses save a lot of space. They can be rolled up during the daytime and can be put on the floor at the night time to sleep. In many western countries these kind of mattress are gaining popularity. Futon mattresses are made from cotton, silk or wool.

Advantages of Lit Futon:

 They are made of cotton which acts as a temperature regulator. It keeps cool during winter and warmth during summer.

 It is very comfortable and cozy to sleep on.

 It is suitable for people who have back problems. Futon mattresses are made from different materials which are good for the health and provide a lot of health benefits to the user.

 These mattresses are firm that helps the body to relax and have a good night sleep.

 They save space. They can be folded and kept aside when not in used.

Disadvantages of Lit Futon:

• People with chronic back problem may find these mattresses harsh on their body. They may not feel comfortable to sleep on them.

• They can be very heavy to fold and move from one place to another.

• Regular maintenance and cleaning is requires to keep the mattress new.

• Folding of the mattress may affect the flexibility of the cotton.

Maintaining Lit Futon:

Lay the futon properly: Futon contains a set of mattress, sheets, blankets and pillow. The mattress should be laid first, and then the sheet should be put on followed by the blankets. The mattress should always be covered with a cotton cover.

Fold the futon when not in use: Always fold the futon when not using it. The futon should be folded first then the sheets. The blankets should also be folded properly and placed on top of it.

 Wash the blankets regularly. Keep the futon clean. Keep it under the sun if possible to kill the germs, bacteria and fungus on it.

 Clean the stains and spills with mild liquid soap. Use a stain remover to clean the mattress.