Personalize your own cushion creatively

Personalize your own cushion creatively

One can custom make their own cushions by selecting from various designs, material, style, color etc. Instead of buying a ready cushion one can design their own using their creativity and as per their style and taste.

Custom cushions are available for the following

 Bench cushion
 Chair cushions
 Glider cushions
 Outdoor cushion
 Patio cushion
 Seat cushion
 Sofa cushion
 Swing cushion

Benefits of custom cushions

One can create their own custom cushion by choosing the following

• Type of cushion
• Shape
• Size
• Fabric
• Construction
• Fasteners
• Filling.
Some of the fabrics used to making custom cushions are
 Sunbrella
 Robert Allen
 Covington
 Carnegie
 Outdura
 Geobella
 Premier
 Maco
 Swavelle
 Magnolia
 Al Fresco
 Bella dura
 Morbern Marine
 Duralee

Online custom cushion designer:

One can order their custom cushion online through various websites or through any retail store. The online store’s use advanced technology for your convenience to personalize your cushion. One can either choose the style, dimension and other specifications for their indoor and outdoor chairs. One can also use the ready templates available on their website. Some online stores provide custom cushion designer software that can help to create their own style of cushion.

Benefits of custom cushion design

• Custom cushion design can provide custom dimensions for a perfect fit
• They are handmade according the specifications provided
• Manufacturer warranty is offered for the fabric
• Different styles for indoor and outdoor cushions to choose from
• One can control the design and construction of the cushion
• Customer service benefits can be enjoyed while creating your own cushion
• Hundreds of fabric options to choose from
• Skilled and professional craftsmanship to create the cushion according to your specifications

Which foam is best for custom cushions?

 Outdoor cushion: Outdoor foams are recommended for outdoor cushions as they have water resistant and do not wear off easily. Ordinary foams can also be used if the outdoor cushion is not likely to get wet.
 Indoor cushions: Natural latex or polyurethane foams are best for indoor cushions.
 Memory Cushions: Memory foam cushions with a firmer base will provide excellent comfort level to the user.
 Down cushions: They can be used indoors only and are not advisable for outdoor chairs.