Present and past of the chesterfield sofa

Present and past of the chesterfield sofa

Historical Introduction of Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofa is the not the name of a furniture stuff rather it reflects a complete history. Although there are many controversial theories about the etymology of this furniture piece yet almost every researcher is agreed to the fact that its country of origin is England. In 1900’s it was symbol of fashion and elegance. It was always found in the rooms of knights, aristocrats and elite. According to the Oxford Dictionary the word Chesterfield was already in use since 1800’s to define a couch made up of leather. It is said that Lord Phillip Stanhope (1694-1775) also known as the fourth Earl of Chesterfield ordered the design of the first Chesterfield leather sofa. It has few distinctive features as it was deep buttoned with leather coverings and low sitting base.

Present Modifications in Chesterfield Sofa

Although Chesterfield sofa exhibits a complex and condensed history yet the artists have made it more complex in the present era. It is important to mention that after touching its peak and glory till 1930’s Chesterfield sofa could not keep pace with the fashion swings of that time and was disappeared then. But today Chesterfield sofa with modifications is in a great market demand. Stylish sleek and light weight Chesterfield sofa has replaced the old, heavier and bulky one. In past it was difficult for the owner to keep it clean and prevent it from the dust and dirt. Moreover its style and non-detachable cushions could not allow the owner to wash them. But today you can easily wash its cushions as it is comforted with the removable cushions. Another attractive thing which the recent designers have given to Chesterfield sofa is colour variations. Today it is available in many colours. This large colour variety has the ability to coincide with the interior decor of the house.


A Chesterfield sofa normally contains padding, the covering with its frame made up of wood. Today the frame is also made up of plastic or laminated boards too. The wood which is normally free of knots called as kiln dried maple wood is mostly used in the Chesterfield sofa. Padding of the Sofa is designed by fabric or foam while sofa covering is designed by leather normally and sometimes by linen fabric etc.