Radiant twin quilt for regular and seasonal use

Radiant twin quilt for regular and seasonal use

Bed covers and quilts used should be changed according to the season. During summer only cotton quilts should be used because cotton material is sweat absorbent and keeps cool. During winter cotton is not suitable because absorbs moisture and makes the person feel colder.

Features of the product are as follows,

  • The material used in Twin Quilt is suitable for all weather and quite big for the use of two persons.
  • It can be sufficient for three if the third member is a child.
  • It is soft and feathery with made up of light weight material.
  • It is too easy to fold and carry.
  • Though the measurement is suitable for two persons, it can be easily carried in a big bag or suitcase.
  • Moreover, it is suitable for home wash or machine wash.

So people prefer buying this quilt and use it throughout the year. The radiant colors and hand printed patterns on the quilt makes it more attractive and tempting. It can be folded and kept in the wardrobes as it occupies very less space due to compressing material used in it. The stitches used to over lock the material inside are stiff and sturdy. It assures longevity and reduces the need to wash. It can be sun dried as the company assures warranty on the color and texture of the outer layer of the quilt.

Handmade Twin Spring Quilts

The hand stitched Twin Quilt is appropriate for spring season too. Speciality of such quilts is their quality. These carry better condition for a long time compared to machine stitched quilts. Though it is said to wash and dry in the washing machine, it should be used with gentle care only for the purpose to retain the flowery texture of the material.

Seasonal Colors To Match The Mood

A person undergoes mood swings throughout the year. Summer is hot and tiring, so people prefer light and pleasant colors. The winter season is harsh and chilling with fewer opportunities for bright life. People like to have radiance and brightness around them during winter and rainy seasons. Hence, Twin Quilt is made available in all colors to match the mood swings of the users.

Quality Of Binding And Threads Used

The Twin Quilt is stitched with tough and thick cotton thread. The material stuffed is washable and binding used is high quality material. There is no fear of quality reduction, over the years and can be used for minimum one decade.

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