Repurposing the carpet runner

Repurposing the carpet runner

Carpet runners are a welcome addition to any space for aside from beautifying and adding a dash of personality to it; they also serve the purpose of minimizing accidents wherever they are applied. They are especially a good addition in homes where there are very exuberant children. However, I believe that they can be used to make other decorative pieces so today we are taking them mostly off the floor and see what can come of them.

To make wall art

You might have that carpet runner that you have had for a while and are not ready to part with just yet. The answer to your predicament is to encase in glass and have yourself a beautiful piece of wall art like no other. You can also get other different pieces and in different sizes and carry on decorating all your walls with carpet runner collages.

As source of design inspiration

Carpet runners are as varied as they come in terms of texture, design patterns, color and so on. With all this in mind, if you are quite artsy, they can inspire a variety of design ideas that can be used on fabrics, letter heads, shoes, create tattoos and the list goes on.

As family heirlooms

I am sure that there are companies out there that can make them according to your specifications and design with details that only mean something to your family like a family crest. One can be created as a family heirloom with something about the family that is worth passing on from one generation to the next.

As jewelry material

Now, now I am not saying that you get the whole carpet runner and turn it into a pair of earrings there and then. With texture and thickness considered, I still believe that when cut into various shapes and reasonable sizes, beautiful jewelry can be created. It all rests in the technique used.
Above are some of the ways that a carpet runner might be applied other for the purpose it was intended. Keep investigating and you will be surprised.

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