Roho cushions going famous across the globe

Roho cushions going famous across the globe

Roho is a research based, innovative and technology driven company that deals in the wheelchair cushions, back and therapeutic mattresses for the physically challenged humans across the world. The company has earned quite a considerable market share and brand equity across the globe due to its unique and different product line for the physically challenged. Roho has introduced its cushions as a medical product over these years and is expanding its product line ever since. Roho Incorporation is widely known across the world for its cushions of medical purposes and its wide range of cushion styles and versatile designs with different sizes has led the company to attain the majority market share of cushions required for medical purposes earning the company a massive brand equity among the physically challenged.

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Types of Cushions:

Roho has launched many versatile and vibrant designs of cushions ever since the company’s foundation and research introduction in the 19th century till the current date. Roho wheelchair cushion is one such example of the type of cushions Roho has complete domination over to manufacture without any presence of high-end competitors due to its increasing brand equity. These cushions provide the pressure relief needed by the customers and its unique and distinct design enables the seat cushions to bend and adjust according to the consumer’s body movements.

Award winning Cushions:

Roho has launched a wide range of wheelchair cushions many of which has earned the manufacturing company international awards for best selling product and awards over the superior quality and affordability of its products.

Current Status:

These award winning Roho Cushions have adjustment and conformity of the air and cells in such a way so as to accommodate and meet one of a kind skin integrity the consumer requires throughout the day. Currently, Roho remains the sole leading manufacturer in wheel chair cushions going global and serving across the continents in majority of the countries with its superior and high quality product. Although many competitors have shown up due to the presence of the potential customer market but so far the market has been dominant by Roho Cushions completely.