Roles of bedside table

Roles of bedside table

Just like the name suggests, bedside tables are placed near or next to any bed regardless of size because majority match with the dimensions of the bed. Bedside table are mainly found on the bedrooms. They play important roles in the bedroom.

Accentuates the bedroom

The bedside tables can be used to accentuate any room. They make the room to look better and also complement the bed. Some of the bedside tables are mirrored thus helps in complementing the bedroom. The mirrored ones often reflect variety of colors within the room which adds interest and beauty in the bedroom.

Act as display

The bedside table can be used to hold variety of items in the bedroom such as clock, bedside books, framed family photos, ornaments, or a night lamp. Nevertheless, because of their size, they cannot hold many items at the same time thus most people would prefer to put a framed photo and a night lamp on top of the bedside table.


Bedside tables can be used as storage facilities because they always have small cupboards or at times drawers. Most people prefer to store the things that they need or often use at night in the bedside table drawers such as medication or books. Some people also use it to store their cosmetics or clothes. On the other hand, some use it to store accessories while parents can use the bedside table to store children toys especially if it is in their room. The main reason why most people prefer to use bedside tables as a storage facility is because of their heights which make it easy to access anything that they want.

It is an accent piece

The bedside tables whether it is single or double sided adds balance to the bedroom especially when the bedroom is large. It also helps make the room look neat and organized.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the bedside table should be selected carefully in order to properly perform its role in the bedroom. For instance, if you have a larger bed such as the king size, it is important to purchase a bigger beside table that would accentuate the bed and the room.

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