Set your table apart with the lace tablecloths

Set your table apart with the lace tablecloths

Since time immemorial table cloths have been used to create a formal and elegant look. Today different trends have been introduced that have given the average shopper versatile designs to choose from. The classiest type of tablecloth that has been used by many lace tablecloths. These classy designs usually make your tables look exquisite

The Different Styles

There are different styles that have been used to create the lace tablecloths and it is important that you know them. The most common type of lace style is the Alencon lace. This lace is elegant in design and pattern. It is the queen of lace and it is known as needle lace. There is the Chantilly lace which is a handmade lace. It has a fine outlined pattern and fine ground. Chantilly is made of silk and it is usually available in black. You can however find them in different colors. Cut work is another type of lace that you need to consider. This lace presents the best artwork and it is usually made from cotton and linen.

Patterns To Consider

There is a wide range of different patterns that you can use when choosing the lace tablecloths. They may include; patriotic laces that have been designed in patriotic themes like the Fourth of July celebrations. There is no limit to what pattern you can choose including novelty laces, holiday themes and or nautical patterns.

Buying The Lace

When it comes to buying these elegant lace tablecloths you need to consider the place where you will buy the table clothes. There are different retail stores both online and offline that offer different options. The fiber and the fabric of the lace is an important factor. The traditional fibers that have been used are silk and cotton. However, other types have been introduced like synthetic fibers, cotton-blend and polyester. The size of the tablecloth is also an important factor of consideration. The type of the table should be considered that is, round table or a rectangular shaped table.

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