Sofa/ bed mattresses

Sofa/ bed mattresses

Looking for something that will add elegance to your room but also comfort? Look no further, we offer you the Sofa mattress, it is compact enough to fit in any room whether a bedroom or living room and comfortable for anyone from children to adults who sit or sleep on it. Famously known for its ability to make one “Sleep like the dead” These mattresses are also ideal for relaxing while working or watching TV or for an afternoon nap or a goodnights sleep. Purchase an old sofa bed or chair or use the old chair that no one sits on and put our sofa mattress on them, once done, we promise you that you have just made one of the most comfortable places in your home.

Single Mattress

Made of special fiber that increases comfort and quality these single mattresses come in various colors and can fit on old chairs, single beds and old sofa sets. With our special fiber that adds comfort this increases the level of relaxation and you will definitely make a room feel contemporary and modern. Add elegance to your room and with vivid colors such as bright pink and neon green and make any room bright and cheerful.

Double Mattress

This is bigger than the single but with all the same good qualities. Comfortable and relaxing these mattresses are made with that in mind. Big enough to fit two or more people, it adds a contemporary look and feel in any room. With vivid colors such as sky blue you are assured that it will stand out in any room. Perfect for children who want to have sleepovers or adults who want to relax while working or to sleep, this mattress will be able to fulfill that and more.

Foam Mattress

To take comfort to the next level, add the foam mattress. The foam technology firmly supports the body while at rest, whether it is sitting or sleeping. It molds to the body to offer support and to increase comfort. As it comes with various colors from grey, white and red it will appeal to everyone who likes lie down while relaxing.