Sofas and couches

Sofas and couches

Taking out time only to relax and sit back is one of the life’s most simple pleasures. And this is why there are so many varieties of sofas and couches for this purpose. There are also armchairs in so many styles that are available in the market these days in which you can just sink into and relax. Because, when you have an opportunity to settle in and plop down, the one and only thing that you should be worrying about is who is going to refill the bowl of snacks.

Couch Sofa - 3
Couch Sofa

What is a couch?

A sofa, also known as ‘couch’ is a furniture piece for seating 2 or more than 2 people. It is in a bench form and may or may not have armrests. The couches are entirely or partially upholstered and are generally fitted with tailored cushions and springs. The main purpose of couch is for seating, but it can also be used for napping and reclining.

Couches in the houses and commercial spaces

Couch/sofas are generally kept in living room, family room, sitting room, den or lounge in a house. In hotels and offices, you can find couches and sofas in the lobbies, bars and waiting areas.

Couch Sofa - 4
Couch Sofa

Origin of the word- Couch

The term ‘couch’ is basically used in Australia and North America and the term ‘Sofa’ is used in UK. The word was introduced in Middle English from “couche”, an Old French noun. It was derived from the verb which means, “To lie down”. It basically meant a furniture item for sleeping on or lying, somewhat like a chaise sofa, but now it refers to the sofas in general.

Other which can be used for the definition of ‘couch’ given above are- chesterfield, settee, davenport, divan, canapé and lounge.

Origin of the word- Sofa and settee

‘Sofa’ word is from Turkish borrowed which is a derivative of the Arabic word “suffa”, meaning wool. It originated from the Aramaic word called “sippa”, meaning “mat”. The word ‘Settee’ is derived from the Old English word, “setl”. It was used for describing long benches with arms and high backs, but is now usually used in describing upholstered seating.