Sovereign sled bed

Sovereign sled bed

1. Sleigh bed

A Sleigh bed is not only a bed to slumber but it is all about taste and style. The Sleigh bed is exquisite furniture comes with a footboard and a headboard that makes a sole and distinct silhouette. When compared to other type of bed, the Sleigh bed is large and high budget. Sleigh bed is available in variety of color, style, shape and material.

2. King Sleigh bed Construction

In the sleigh bed the headboard is normally higher than the footboard. The common material of the king sleigh bed is the wood with variations like Mahogany, pine and oak. Now a day’s Leather king sleigh beds are attaining popularity with the arrival of contemporary construction methods. Faux leather is an inexpensive material and budget friendly and provides the illusion of the pure leather. Metal king sleigh bed gives modern look fused with sleek and glamorous look.

King Sleigh Bed

Channel construction – The channel type construction comes with closure which runs across the length and separating it into channels which allows the filling to budge along the channels. The channel construction is ideal for those who need more warmth near their foot.

Box construction – The structure of box construction contains a sequence of vertical and horizontal closure; it forms small squares that clutch a small quantity of filling. This model of construction distributes even warmth to the user and hence it is the most wanted construction type.

Baffle construction – The feature of baffle construction contains bands of fabrics inside the duvet itself and acts as a barrier to hold the feathers in position which provides more warmth.

King Sleigh Bed

Sewn-through construction – This type of construction is more affordable and durable and it permits the feathers to surpass through holes of the needle which results in cold spots.

3. Types of King Sleigh Beds

Based on the preference of the user there are variety of king sleigh beds are available in the market.
Antique / Vintage – Antique collection of king size sleigh bed is made with wood and provides more cost effective.
Storage Beds- Storage king size sleigh bed provides more options for the customer. Storage sleigh bed comes with drawers beneath the bed or at the base of the bed. The trundle King Sleigh bed is an ideal option for extra members or guests to conveniently make their sleep. You can check best prices and reviews at about King Sleigh Bed.


The king Sleigh bed provides some special thing to the bed room. Different style, material and constructions are available for the user’s need. Depends on the bedroom space, personal taste and budget of the customer the style and the design varies.