The advantages of choosing carpet flooring

The advantages of choosing carpet flooring

Carpet flooring has been around from a long time and is still the preferred choice for many home owners. Apart from being extremely comfortable, it is also known to add a dash of style to your homes. There are many types and styles of carpet floorings available in the market and that too in wide-range of colors to ensure that you find one that can easily suits your taste and budget.

But what makes carpet flooring a preferred choice for many?

Let us have a look at some of the factors that can actually make you get carpet floorings for your home as well.

Noise Absorption

Carpet flooring is well-known for its ability to insulate sound. Sounds from outside your house can be virtually eliminated with the help of carpet floorings. It has the ability to reduce the sound by up to 25-30dB, whereas other smooth coverings are only known to reduce it by 10-15dB.

Energy Saving

Carpets conduction of heat is very low, and it is naturally a thermal insulating material. This ability of the carpet flooring allows you to retain the warmth in your room and reduce the need to use energy for using heathers and other heating apparatus. As per the statistics, carpet floorings can reduce the heating for up to a month in a year, and reduce the monthly heating bills by up to 6-8%.

Enhanced Safety

Carpet floorings enhances the safety of your homes in two ways. Firstly, they prevent slippage and are ideal to protect you from serious injuries. This property of carpet floorings is ideal if you have small kids and elder people at home. Secondly, the soft fibers of carpet offer enhanced cushioning effect and allows you to reduce the stress faced by joints by walking or laying on other floor surfaces.


Carpet flooring can also have a positive effect on the health of your family. Carpet is known as a dust-trapper. It allows the dust to settle easily on it and once settled they are firmly held by the fibers of the fabric. This reduces the chances of dust getting distributed all over your home. You can simply vacuum the carpet flooring to eliminate them. Dust is well-known to carry allergens and bacteria. By reducing its ability to spread all over your home, carpet floorings reduces the chances of developing any disease or allergies.

Carpet floorings are perfect for any home as they not only makes your house look beautiful, but also safe and healthy.

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