The comfort of couches

The comfort of couches

Couches are large pieces of seating furniture covered with soft cushioning and fabric (upholstered). They are also used for lying down. They are a living room or lounge room piece to make guests comfortable, and are also found in waiting areas of hotels and airports. They are called by various names like sofas, lounge chairs, etc.


Couches form the centre piece of any room and hunting for the right one can be intimidating. There are numerous styles to choose from, and their shapes, fabrics, and colors only add to the confusion. Though most are purchased on the basis of functionality, there are a few who prefer classic or grungy style couches to match with the architecture, even if they do not serve the purpose of seating many people.


They have multiple sections that can be rearranged at various angles to optimize the use of space and hence are extremely popular choices for modern homes. They are very versatile and can be broken down into smaller individual chairs and couches too.


They are specially designed for two people to sit upon and form a small seating arrangement that can be placed effectively around the house.


They are very comfortable roll backs and seats that sink low to match with low arm rests, for the ultimate comfort. They have a fixed two cushion arrangement.


They are the most well known traditional style of couches. They have a ‘tufted’ and quilted look, deep seats and high arms associated with them, and are classic pieces to match most interiors and hence will never go out of fashion.


They have a high back like a camel hump at the centre that lowers gently into the arms of the couch as one single structure. They are a contemporary style of couches with exposed wooden legs and they add elegance to a dressier room.


Cabriole sofas are not angular but have an arched back rest that curves into arms of equal height. Most of them have exposed wooden rims and legs.

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