The convenience of twin beds

The convenience of twin beds


A very important factor in determining a sound night sleep is ample space and sturdy beds. Ideally bed sizes should not cramp people up on them but be wider and longer than the actual space required to sleep. These sizes vary according to the space available, members of the family, etc. Twin beds are typically known as single beds designed to accommodate one child and an adult together, without any free space left beside them. They are mostly used for single occupancy as a comfortable space to lie in hostels, hotel rooms, etc. the twin extra long beds are a little longer to provide more height the size of a king bed.

Twin Bed Measurements - 2
Twin Bed Measurements


Though the need of the hour is custom sized beds, there still are some standard beds with pre defined measurements.

1. Twin beds come in the measurements of 39 inches * 75 inches.

2. Twin extra long beds are 5” longer and are of the measurement 39 inches * 80 inches.

They are the easiest and fastest to manufacture, and because of their compact sizes, they are the most convenient of all beds to ship, transport, install and maintain.

Because twin beds are the most commonly used beds, there are many customizations available and there are numerous sheet sizes and mattresses that are low cost and good quality, because their demand is also very high in the market.


1. Twin beds are perfect for single persons or at max an adult and a child.

2. They are the only economical choice for dorm rooms, hostels, children’s rooms, hospital beds, and multi user guest rooms.

3. It is imperative to check your height and then decide upon one of the two kinds of twin beds depending on the height, or else you may end up ordering the wrong sized one.

4. It is equally important to consider the size of the bed frame you buy and then decide on the size of the bed.

5. If you have less floor space to accommodate big beds, twin beds are ideal, as because of their compact size, they save a lot of space for free movement or other furniture.