The declining trend of carpet sales

The declining trend of carpet sales

The use of Carpets and rugs for floor covering has been in fashion for a very long time. The carpet Industry has developed into becoming one of the oldest and most volatile industries of the past times due to many competitors, different and unique designs and various new materials showing up over time. The Carpet Sales have been on the horizon since the 1600s when the art of carpet and rug weaving became a symbol of knowledge among the common mass. Ever since the rise of carpet weaving came into the limelight, carpet sales have been continuously rising too. With majority of the common mass buying carpets and rugs as the sole component to cover the house flooring across the world. Carpets and rugs were among the most famous and bought products of all times until the modern era of technology arrived.

Marble Flooring in Fashion:

The introduction to different stone and marble flooring in the new 1900s gave rise to the demand in using marble stones and tiles as the floor covering adding a great deal to the decline of using carpets and rugs for floor covering. As a result, the carpet sales went down enormously. Since the marble and stone flooring was quite expensive and it required skilled labor for installation, it became famous among the elite and rich class to use it for floor covering yet majority of the middle and lower class preferred the carpet and rugs as they were relatively cheap and easy to maintain as compared to the marble and stone flooring.Carpet Sales - 3

Introduction to Wood Flooring:

The real downfall of carpet sales came in the late 1900s due to the introduction of solid wood flooring and the laminated wood flooring on a massive scale. Its cheap cost, easy installation and easy maintenance enabled the common mass to shift from the carpet and rug sales to the more common wooden flooring. As a consequence, carpet sales went down to a really huge amount.

Current Status:

In the 21st Century, majority of the people prefer buying the laminated wooden flooring as compared to the traditional carpets and rugs which required a high maintenance and cleaning. The carpet sales have dropped subsequently leading to the downfall of the carpet industry. Majority of the small scale competitors and brands left the industry due to no market share and only the top brand still maintain the major carpet sales whatever is left of it.

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