The decorative and functional aspects of a table runner

The decorative and functional aspects of a table runner

Can you think back to the times when the use of a table runner was not in vogue? Indeed, those times were hard times when people only had the choices of table cloths and covers which were usually fabric based that were hard to maintain as they stained easily and frequent washes led to discoloration and fading away of the designs. Today there are several table linen accessories that complete a table setup. Besides the standard table cloth, you can opt for table runners, table toppers, mats and others. Here are some ideas on choosing a table runner.

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Cloth Based Runners

When you wish to entertain and need something extra to add a sense of style and glamour to your dining table, the same can be achieved by the use of a cloth based table runner. When you are purchasing a cloth based runner you need to decide on the type of use and choose the material accordingly. There are polyester fabric based runners that are easily cleaned and come in embroidered designs as well. These look great and can be used daily as well. On the other hand the use of silk based runners can be preserved for special occasions as these are difficult to clean and maintain.

Use Of Natural Fiber Runners

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There are several eco friendly materials used in table runner items these days. You can get grass fiber based or bamboo based runners for your table. These items help to add a unique look and feel to your table. At the same time, these are easily cleaned and are resistant to heat and stain which make them ideal for day to day use.

Decorative Runners And Sets

There are table runner sets that are great for entertaining guests or for permanent use of your dining table. A runner set complete with table mats will ensure that a table looks decorative enough. For wooden or glass tables, such a set usually suffices and does not need to be accompanied by a mat. For these reasons, runner purchases are important and versatile items for your dining table.

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