The different options of tea towels in the market

The different options of tea towels in the market

Tea towels are one of the most important and functional items that you need for a kitchen. It is hard to imagine a kitchen without the towels. They also add to the décor of the kitchen and hence you need to be very careful when choosing the towels. You should really pay attention to detail when purchasing the towels as it should never be an odd one out in your kitchen. They come made out of a host of materials and some of the items are very practical in use than others. The color and the design of the item must perfectly blend with the theme and décor of your kitchen.

Cotton Towels

Cotton tea towels are the most popular ones that you can use in your kitchen to dry your kitchen items quickly and efficiently. If you opt for cotton towels made of 100% cotton, then you can be assured of its super absorbent nature. They offer great convenience to the user and are also very soft on the kitchen items. The cotton towels can be machine washed and also dry up very easily. They will never leave any unwanted fluff on the dishes that you wipe them with.

Cotton Mix Towels 

If you are looking for a more affordable solution to wipe water off your kitchen items, then you can opt for cotton mix tea towels. These are made by blending cotton and linen together and they offer decent absorption of water. They will not offer the 100% functionality that cotton towels offer. You will need to replace these towels in a shorter period of time.

Terry Cloth

Terry cloth tea towels are ideal towels for wiping off accidental spillages in your kitchen. They will not have any fuss or frills. You just need to wring them in order to clean them. Just leave them hanging on the rail so that they dry up fast and are ready to be used again in your kitchen. You can opt for any of these towel types depending on your functionality. You should make sure that the towel you  choose suits your kitchen needs and also adds to  the kitchen décor.

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