The things you need to know about quilt &coverlet

The things you need to know about quilt &coverlet

None of us can discard the significance of quilt and coverlet in our lives as they existed in our lives for a very long time. They have been there since medieval times. But yes, they have gone through a tremendous transformation over the centuries.

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Only manufacturing methods changed

Notably, the usage didn’t change, but the way quilts and coverlet were made to change. From one community to other the styles, designs and names changed. Over the years, the manufacturing methods also underwent changes. Today, with the help of machines they can be made very fast. That wasn’t the case before as they had to make them by the hands. As far as making is concerned, there are two popular methods.

Coverlets are used as bed covers

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Though both quilts and coverlet are part of the bedding, the usage is different. You might use quilt to cover your body when you sleep. Sometimes people use them as a tool for wall decoration as well as it gives an aesthetic look. Coverlets are woven from yarn of cotton or wool. Also, coverlets are primarily used as bed covers. They are also used as wall hangings. When it comes to the colors and patterns you choose, it can tell a lot about your own personality. In other words, they help make a style statement. You need to know that some manufacturers offer personalized services where you can have custom-made coverlets.

The influence of internet

The internet changed everything when it comes to shopping and it is applicable to quilts and coverlet as well. These days most of the manufacturers and retailers use internet marketing. It has really helped the industry to grow. Now you can choose your design, color and other specification and order them. However, many still prefer buying it from physical stores and online ones. The revolution of internet has really changed the way businesses were running. Today, people don’t want to visit a physical shop as much as possible. Think of the times when these things were hand made. Also, there were only less number of shops here and there. So things changed a lot. Only that didn’t change is the way we use them. So take advantage of online shopping and find the finest on the internet.