The unique features of platform beds

The unique features of platform beds

There are several kinds of beds on the market and when you take a trip down to the local furniture store, you will find several designs of beds that are available for ready sale. Among the different styles the platform beds are distinct due to certain features they have. If you are looking to have a unique styled bed in your bedroom, why not opt for a bed on a raised platform or other variants of this style?


Unique Features

The platform beds can also be called cabin beds. These are beds that have a base which is a raised or a level solid frame of wood which is rectangular or horizontal. The platform is designed by placing rows of wooden slats that form a latticed structure. The platform is designed such to support the mattress. The platform is enough support for the mattress and hence it removes the need for a box spring base or a second mattress as a foundation.Platform Beds - 2

Popularity Of Platforms


The platform beds are highly popular and you might own one without realizing the same. We often think of beds as custom, hardwood or of the modular kind, but do not think of the way they are built. It is true that most of the modern beds nowadays are based on a platform on which a single mattress suffices. The base slat structures have undergone several changes but the basic structure remains the same.

Variant Styles

The same platform beds have several interesting variants that can be looked at. Some have a raised or a protruding border, which serves as a space to sit down for the occupants. This space can be converted into a footboard sitting area as well. These beds can have a rectangular or a square form. The treatment of these beds is vital as the wood needs to be resistant to moisture, heat, and insects and be durable enough to bear the body weight. When one is about to purchase a bed, it is important to go through the product details and features before the decision is taken.