The versatility of a divan bed

The versatility of a divan bed

The evolvements of a divan bed dated back when it was just a makeshift bed. Currently it has got its own category as a bed that is full-pledged or the typical couch-bed. Originally these beds were cushioned box-shaped seats, which were referred to as the divan, adorning living rooms and bedrooms. By just placing an extra mattress over it, the divan becomes a very comfortable bed. Their main advantage is its ability to serve as a sofa during the day-time and a bed at night. Depending on how these beds are constructed and designed, this bed can serve other purposes.

Space Saver

A divan bed saves a lot of space in the living or bedroom. The bed is constructed in the form of a box. Divans are brought together, whereby they have castor rollers at the bottom and a suitable mattress at the top, which assists in the sleeping purposes. During the daytime, you can easily take the whole bed apart or just use it as a seat. Available are also foldable mattresses for the bed. This mattress can be removed from the bed easily when it is not in use. Other alternatives are air mattresses that can be deflated and folded or rolled and thereby stored in the closets. When the bed is not entirely used as a couch, full-sized mattresses are available for the divans. Apart from just saving space, the divans are also flexible in terms of functionality.

Storage Options

Apart from being comfortable and practical when used inside the bedrom, the divan bed can also be used for storage purposes. With the divan base that has been incorporated in the bed, you can easily use it as cabinets or drawers. With these cabinets and drawers, you can store extra beddings, toilets, and children’s toys. These compartments will either open up to their sides, or the drawers are sometimes found at under the bed in case the space is small.

Modular Expansion

You can easily expand your divan bed from a single bed with king size or double bed. This is easily achieved by putting additional divans together. Many hotels opt for the use of this scalability of these beds so as they can adjust their accommodations depending with the requirements of the guests. The modular expansion of the divan beds can work best at home, when children have outgrown the single beds.

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