Things you need to remember when you decorate shabby chic bedding

Things you need to remember when you decorate shabby chic bedding

Are you into simplicity? Then you might be interested in the decorating of shabby chic. What is so special about Shabby chic is that it blends traditional and modern styles so effortlessly. As a result, you will be able to maintain the brightness in your home. And it all starts with Shabby Chic Bedding. With this, you will be experiencing the virtue of clean and fresh fashion. Versatility is the strong suit of this style as they add beauty to bedrooms everywhere.

Little history

Shabby Chic bedding began in Great Britain. It has got a clean style. It gives a country feel and crisp look. When you are going for Shabby Chic, you are actually aiming for comfort as well as elegance. However, the term “shabby chic” came to existence post 1980s only. It has been a popular fashion for several centuries. What you are trying to achieveShabby Chic Bedding - 2 is a country theme by using faded and bleached fabrics. It is helpful in bringing bright, clean lines. Shabby Chic styling is all about timeless decorating technique.

Significance of linen

If you take a closer look, you can see that Shabby Chic bedding almost always incorporates linen. In most cases, you will get it in white color. And it will have faded and bleached pastels like yellows, pinks and blues. What makes a Shabby Chic theme a hit is that it is easy to decorate. You can decorate it without much fuss. Using vintage furniture or furniture that is made to look vintage will be perfect. This will complete the styling.

It works for everyone!

The good thing about Shabby Chic bedding is that it works for everyone. You don’t have to worry that it is too feminine. Nonetheless, it is elegant. It will look great in children’s rooms and nurseries. It is a very popular guest room decorating option. As stated before, it works for everyone. The elegant look is what attracts most. These days they are widely used in nurseries and children’s rooms. Linen is a very important aspect of it. Most importantly, you can play with various colors as far as the design is concerned. Also, the design should reflect your personality.