Tips for floor cushion

Tips for floor cushion

Floor cushions are an excellent way to increase the seating space. It saves money on chairs, sofa etc. Floor cushions can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It can be carried to a picnic or an adventure. Comfort and feel good should be given more priority while buying a floor cushion.

Styles of floor cushion

 Modern: Modern style floor cushion complement the modern décor of the house. It looks great, modern, comfortable and rustic.

 Contemporary: Contemporary style floor cushions are a combination of modern and traditional type. Doggie floor cushions are a type of contemporary cushions. Contemporary cushions are very popular as they add style and elegance to the house.

 Traditional: Traditional floor cushions are comfortable and soft. They have very classic style and designs which are very eye catch and go well with traditional style interiors of the house.

Things to be considered when selecting a floor cushion

• Fabric: Fabric of the floor cushion should be thick, strong and durable. They should provide good comfort while sitting. It should be such that, one should not feel the ground while sitting on the floor cushion.

• Durability: Since floor cushions can be used anywhere they should be strong enough and should last for longer period. It should withstand heat, sunlight, rain and dust. They should be easy to clean, wash and maintain.

• Shape and size: A cube shaped floor cushion is best as they are very casual and give a relaxed feeling to the user. However one can select the shape and size of the floor cushion according to the likes and preference of the individual.

Cleaning floor cushions

Floor cushions can be used for sitting, playing games, watching TV, sleeping etc. They are very versatile and flexible and hence can be used for a number of purposes. They are available in different shapes and sizes, but rectangular and square are the most popular shape for floor cushions. Floor cushions can get dirty easily. It is therefore necessary to take care and clean it regularly. The cushion covers can be washed in a machine or by hands. They can also be dry cleaned or a vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove dirt and dust from the cushion.

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