Towel hooks: a must-have accessory for every home

Towel hooks: a must-have accessory for every home

Towel hooks are simply a must have in every home, simply for the number of functions they serve. Their ability to turn any wall space into a storage place has made it a quintessential for every modern home. Depending on the place of its installation, apart from towels, you can also use it to hang bags, bathrobes, hats, clothes and even laundry bags.

While the decision to choose a towel hook depends on your personal choice and requirement, here are a few tips to help you make a better decision-

Functionality of Towel Hooks

The towel hooks are designed for the simple purpose of hanging towels and other objects. They can be made from a variety of materials, but most common of them all is iron. Apart from functionality, modern wall hooks are also designed for their decorative appeal that can enhance the looks of the room. As functional towel hooks are only used for hanging, they are not as expensive as the decorative ones.

Decorative Towel Hooks

They are designed to serve both the purposes of being functional and aesthetic as well. Apart from hanging towels on them, they also enhance the interiors of the room where they are installed. They are generally small in size with attractive detailing’s. As they serve dual purpose, decorative towel hooks are expensive than the normal towel hooks.

Mounting the Towel Hooks

There are two common ways to mount towel hooks, with the help of screws or with the help of adhesives. Majority of them are screw-mounted ones, which requires you to drill a hole and add one or multiple screws to the wall for installing the towel hooks. Most of the iron towel hooks are of screw-mounting type.

Towel hooks made from plastic or other lighter materials generally come with adhesive-type mounting. Needless to say, the main benefit of having adhesive-type mounting towel hook is that it does not require you to drill holes in the wall. On the other hand, the problem with adhesive-type ones is that it cannot withstand a lot of weight.

Where to Buy Towel Hooks

Local shops that sell household and hardware items should have some different types of towel hooks. The bigger the shops, the more the number of choices available. There are also many online stores that offer thousands of varieties of towel hooks to suit your need and budget. You can choose the type of towel hooks you want online and get them delivered to your home, eliminating the need to travel to the local shops.