Towels with hoods for babies and adults

Towels with hoods for babies and adults

Towels with hoods are must have accessories which are of great use for kids. Hooded towels are not just for babies, even toddlers and kids like them. One can even find hooded towels made for adults in many stores. Hooded towels come in variety of themes and styles, with artistic embroideries and in splash of bright colors. Have towels which your kids love to use and looks adorable on them.

Why hooded towels are important

Newborns and infant babies are covered in clothes like blankets and towels. Babies cannot control and regulate their body temperature like adults. Hence, they need to be covered in clothes according to temperature outside.


Newborns are covered in towels right from the time they are born. Their heads have to be covered to prevent them from catching cold. Hooded towels are used to cover or snug up babies in single piece of cloth. Kids and toddlers also can use hooded towels after a dip in pool or quick shower. Kids love their style and most times get attached to characters on them. Hooded towels can also be used to cover yourself from sun while on a beach holiday or keeping yourself warm.

Do it yourself towels

Hooded towels are available in stores made in different styles and different sizes. They are also easy to stitch at home and there are many tutorials available online which can help to make a hooded towel yourself.

Styles and Themes

Hooded towels are available in creative themes. There are many which are based on different animals like puppies, tigers, dragons and kitties. Towels can also be based on characters that kids love, like minions. Bunnies and puppies are common designs. They are also available in great range of colors and can be bought as kit with matching blankets.

Things to remember

Hooded towels can be used in many ways. They are most common gifts during baby showers. They can be used as a washcloth, as sleeper to cover baby when she sleeps. They can even be used as bibs. Though most towels are soft and made of terrycloth, make sure the fabric is smooth enough for the baby.