Traditional drapery

Traditional drapery

Stark Carpet dedicate it service in tradition designed carpet, furniture, wall covering and fabric, for both the contract markets and for residential purpose with unparalleled quality. Stark carpet provides high quality carpets with new colors and genuine designs. Stark carpet accommodates more than 500 high end designs for residential and commercial purpose. Stark carpet offers conventional and high end service for the experts in interior design.

Brief History of Stark Carpet

Stark carpet is founded by Arthur and Nadia Stark in 1938, who gathered knowledge in carpet by travelling throughout the world and learned about the masterpieces in carpet design. Strak holds approximately 30 showrooms and 550 employees Stark carpet provides conventional to modern designs and holds a documentary library of oriental design and antique.

The first generation of strake holds the history of innovation while the second generation brought decoration to the floor by holding the pride in furnishing the White House.

Design of Stark Carpet

Stark carpets are demanding he best quality along with authenticity. The variety of traditional and novel designs is available. The prominent designs are geometric and contemporary, check boxes, solid texture, Animal etc.

Types of carpet

Various types of carpets are available in the market.

Cut Pile Carpet – depends on the fiber it decides the durability and the quantity of the twirl in the thread. Variety of cut pile carpets is available. They are textured, velvet, Frieze, Cable and Saxony.

Loop Pile Carpet – the height of the loops are at in same expanse. Variety of cut pile carpets is available, they are loop and cut, Berber, Patterned Multi-Level Loop

Fibers for stark carpet

The wish to cover the floor starts from the prehistoric period when people used skins of the animal as rugs. In modern world the material used are acrylic, olefin, wool, nylon and polyester.

Acrylic – provides mildew and moisture resistant

Olefin – durable and inexpensive and attracts dirt

Wool – thread retains the height, very durable and soft

Nylon – stain resistant, still free and keep away mildew

Polyester – will not fade and provides deprived resiliency and will not bear stains of the oil

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