Twin beds – 2 single beds

Twin beds – 2 single beds

A quality bed and mattress is very important for a good night sleep. A good bed and mattress will make one feel comfortable and will keep away the back pain. Factors like style, construction, size, space, use etc. are important for buying a bed.

Meaning of twin bed

A twin bed is a pair of similar beds that are normally placed in children or guest room. One person can sleep comfortable on it. A twin bed means two separate beds placed in the same room. A double bed on the other hand means a large bed where two people can sleep comfortably.

Types of twin beds

 Metal bed frame: These are simple and less expensive metal frame beds that are lighter in weight. They have a longer life as compared to wooden frame beds. They are very strong and durable and come in different designs.

 Wooden bed frame: Oak, Pine, birch etc. are the different hardwoods that are used in the construction of wooden beds. Wooden frame gives a traditional feeling and are easy to clean and maintain.

 Divan beds: They normally have storage space below the bed where toys, clothes, mattress etc. can be stored. They can save a lot of space. The headboards of the beds are detachable and can be removed as per the preference of the user.

 Adjustable bed frame: It has a motor to adjust the head and foot of the bed. One can raise or lower the head as when wanted. They are best for people having back problems, snoring problems or for bedridden patients.

Types of mattress for twin beds

• Innerspring mattress: They are the most commonly used mattresses. They have coils in them to provide support to the body. Innerspring mattresses are inexpensive and one has to option to choose from different coil gauges to select the firmness.

• Memory foam mattress: These are expensive type of mattress but are very durable. They are weather are dust resistant. They are very comfortable and prevent back aches.

• Air bed mattress: They are very light in weight and easy to move. They are expensive but relief from joint and back pain.

• Waterbed mattress: They can be adjusted as per the shape of the body. The water temperature can also be adjusted. Waterbed mattresses are expensive and needs to be taken care of.