Useful information on sofas

Useful information on sofas

Sofas are available with endless choices in styles, shapes, designs and customization options. One should be practical while buying a sofa for your living room. Consider the size of the living room when deciding on the size of the sofa. If the living room space is small go for smaller sofas. It should be durable and complement with other furniture’s in the room.

Tips for choosing the best sofa

 Decide on the size of the sofa you want to buy. The size of the living room is an important deciding factor for selecting the sofa.

 Decide where the Sofa will be placed in the living room. Sofas can be used to sit, read, relax, lounge etc. Quality time with family can be spent on the sofa. Hence decide the use of the sofa and accordingly decide on its location.

 Determine the shape, color and design of the sofa that will be suitable for the room.

 Research on the material and select the one which will be appropriate for the use and location of the sofa.

 Select the style that would complement the décor and furnishings in the house.

Different types of upholstery for the sofas

 Cotton
 Wool
 Leather
 Nylon
 Polyester
 Olefin
 Vinyl
 Acrylic
 Silk
 Microfiber

Sofa types

• Traditional sofas: These are very common and seen in most houses. Two to three people can comfortably sit on these sofas. Different varieties of these kinds of sofas are now available.

• Sectional Sofas: This is preferred by most people due to its versatile nature. They are available in four pieces or more. The sections can be easily moved and placed at different locations in the living room.

• Sleeper Sofas: Sleeper sofas save a lot of space. It can be used for sitting as well as sleep. It provides enough space for sleeping comfortably on it

• Convertible Sofas: It is very user friendly as these sofas can be used as a bed as well as a sofa. They are similar to sleeper sofas but are less expensive.

• Loveseats sofas: These are very small sofas on which one or two people can sit comfortably.

Besides these there are many other kinds of sofas like Divan sofas, Contemporary sofas, Wood or metal frame sofas and Victorian settee sofas.