Victorian bed

Victorian bed

1. Queen size bed

Buying a queen size bed is a huge decision and available in numerous style and design. Queen size bed varies from metal, iron and wooden sledge fashionable bed types. The cost of the queen bed ranges from inexpensive to huge costly. When buying the queen size bed, quality is the major importance.

2. Things to be considered while buying a queen bed.

The primary thing to be considered while buying a queen size bed is the correct bedroom size and the additional furniture’s in the room. The color of the queen size bed should match with the other furniture. Budget is also a primary concern when buying the queen size bed. The combo of mattress, bed along with box spring is expensive so it is vital to set the budget before buying the bed.

3. Queen bed styles

Queen bed will be available in variety of types and style. The styles range from variety of headboard, style of the bed, whether storage space is required or not.


Queen sleigh beds come with a footboard and a headboard that looks like a sleigh. Many sleigh beds are overstated with complicated pattern or scrollwork. This type of beds is bit costlier than traditional queen size bed.

Four Poster

Four poster queen beds provide a footboard and a headboard which is usually made up of wood. The benefit of this bed is that it can be lower to the ground and can be raise to the desired height. The higher raise bed can be used to store items under the space. The style may vary from traditional, Victorian or contemporary.


Queen storage beds are normally made of wooden material and come with storage drawers in the bottom of the bed. Trundle drawers may accompany with the bed is another style in queen size bed.


Queen canopy bed provides femininity to the bed room. This type of bed can be increased tall into the air and can be swathe with fabric. The material may vary from iron or wood.

4. Materials of Queen Bed

Queen bed can be made from many material but the most used materials are the iron, upholstery and wood.

5. Headboards

Taste of head board depends on the user taste and it can be bought separately if the frames are available with the bed. The material of the headboards may vary from iron, upholstered and wood with variety of design, color, pattern and style.