Wall to wall drapery art

Wall to wall drapery art

Carpet is a fabric that covers the floor and it is made up of synthetic, fiber or natural substance.
The exterior of the carpet is called the pile with a style of loop, cut or both. Variety of supporting system are obtainable to stabilize the artifact depends up on the end use. Carpet provides immense worth by combining the factors like beauty, security, comfort, sound absorption, etc.

Benefits of Carpet

Enhance Style and Beauty – Carpet is a focal point of the living room and hence it is necessary to choose proper style and color with prominent texture.

Presents heat and console – carpet presents real heat resistance. During winter it maintains tepid air for a longer time. It also acts as a comfortable lay to do work.

Alleviate fall and slips – Carpet reduces falls and slips thus providing safety.

Provides better Air Quality – Advanced carpet technologies incorporate lowest VOC emission technology and this carpets traps dust and filters air.

Right Carpet

Carpet is available in variety of choices to enhance the beauty of the living room. Following are the things to be considered while purchasing a carpet:

• Color

• Texture

• Pattern

• Cost

Carpets are available in all variety of colors with stain resistance technology. Dark color carpet will hide the dust, stain and soil in the heavy traffic family.

Types of Carpet

Various quality of fiber is available to construct the carpet. Having good knowledge of the carpet’s construction technology will provide right choice.

Cut Pile – depends on the fiber it decides the durability and the quantity of the twirl in the thread. Extremely twisted yarn will retain its structure longer and it is suitable for heavy traffic family.

Loop Pile – the height of the loops are at in same expanse. This carpet is ideal for modern to hut furnishing.

Multi-level loop pile – the height of the loops varies in size, thus providing a pattern consequence.

Cut-loop pile – This is the combination of looped and cut yarn style. It creates diversity of texture including chevrons, swirls and squares. The stain and soil are hidden by the multicolor effect.

Cleaning the carpet

It is necessary to use correct carpet cleaner to retain the color, texture and fiber quality.

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