Water proof mattress cover

Water proof mattress cover

A dry mattress is comfortable, non usually not allow the growth of mould and does not provide a breeding ground for insects and moulds. There are a number of ways moisture could get into a mattress. From obvious methods such as bedwetting, midnight sweat and bodily fluids from sexual activity and accidental spill e.g. coffee, water, etc to less obvious methods such as humidity in the air and drool from an open mouth when sleeping. Whatever the means of entry the mattress is prone to be a breeding ground for all forms of unwanted guests and providing suitable water proof protection for a mattress is important. It is easy to dismiss the use of mattress cover for babies and senior citizens. However as adequate waterproof mattress protection is vital for any mattress. Infact it should be regulation to have manufacturers provide the fitting as standard, but until that day we would have to purchase our own.

Gone are the days plain see through plastic sheets as waterproof mattress protection. Today with all the advances in modern technology and fabric engineering, there are a variety of mattress protection covers to choose from. We have water proof covers that don’t seem all that plastic at all. Blended with fibres from other materials the modern waterproof cover is softer to the touch, less embarrassing and with a range of designs you do not have to worry about it being dull.

There are various sizes and even brands with slight elasticity in them which enable them fir snugly around your mattress to provide your mattress with all the warmth and water proof safety it can so you can sleep safe and sound without worrying about bed bugs or moisture.

Water proof mattress covers can be obtained online particularly on Amazon and range in price from the budget options costing as little as $4 and deluxe option costing as much as $50.

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