What are berber carpets?

What are berber carpets?

Berber carpets are type of hand woven carpets which are simple and with no design. Industries made Berber carpets are also available now days. They are very cheap and durable. Today Berber carpets are made from different materials. They are easily available and very affordable.

Advantages of Berber carpets:

1. Durability: Berber carpets are very high on durability. One of the selling points of this carpet is its durability.

2. Spill Resistant: Berber carpets do not absorb spills hence it becomes easy to blot them.

3. Appealing and Versatile: Berber carpets are available in unique designs and colors. They can easily match with the interiors and paint of the house. The knot like appearance of the carpet looks beautiful and elegant. They are very eye catchy and attractive.

4. Comfort: The Berber carpets designs are very soft and comfortable for your feet. Wool and Nylon Berber carpets give the best comfort.

5. Economical: Berber carpets are very affordable and are not expensively charged. They are value of the money. However wool Berber carpets are bit expensive Olefin and Polyester Berber carpets are better alternative.

Disadvantages of Berber carpets:

1. Snag: The loop of the Berber carpets may snag. If not repaired at the right time the snag can unravel and cause major issues with the carpet.

2. Stains: Berber carpets have very low stain resistance. They cannot be cleaned easily.

3. Rough: Some cheap quality Berber carpets give a rough feeling. It depends upon the fibre used to make the carpet.

4. Requires maintenance: Berber carpets require regular check and maintenance. They should be kept cleaned and free from snags.

How to clean the Berber carpets

1. Prevent the carpet from getting dirty: Preventing the Berber carpet from getting dirty is the best way to keep them clean. Since these carpets have low resistance to stains and spills, it becomes difficult to clean them.

2. Vacuum: A high suction vacuum without rotating brush should be used to clean the carpet. The rotating brush will snag the carpet and will destroy it hence it should be avoided.

3. Stain removal: One can use stain removals or baking soda solution to remove any stains from the carpet.

4. Professional cleaners: One can take the help of professional cleaners to clean the carpets. This should be done on regular basis to improve its life and maintain it.

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