What is included in a full mattress set?

What is included in a full mattress set?

Full mattresses measure 54” x 75” and are perfect for accommodating two people. However, if you still need a bigger space, you can always go for a queen or king size mattress. If you have a big room. Coming back to the full mattresses, they do a perfect job of offering adequate comfort and also enhances the look of your room. If you are planning to buy a full mattress, choosing a full mattress set can also be an ideal choice for you.

Full mattress sets include a full size mattress along with a base. These sets are highly preferred by modern home owners as it eliminates the need to search for a base again.

Let us have a look at different type of bases available in the market-

Slatted Base

This type of base has wooden slates in the frame of the bed, allowing the air to pass all the way down to the floor, enabling it to breathe easily. The slats are commonly made from pine wood. If the base is too large, it will have an additional wooden bar to support the base and ensure enhanced stability.

Platform Top

This type of base has a simple wooden platform without any springs. It does have a soft layer on it to ensure that the mattress feels firmer and not hard. It is not recommended for mattresses that are too soft. Platform top bases are cheaper than most other types of bases as it requires less labor and materials.

Spring Edge

This type of base actually goes against its name. It has springs all over the base and not just on the edges. This is certainly the most comfortable as they offer optimal support throughout the base and also the most expensive, because of the labor and materials involved. If you do not want your mattress to feel too soft, then spring edge is not for you.

Spring Slat Base

It has curved wooden slate with springs on them, to provide the features of both, a slat base and spring edge base. Larger bases of this type has dual layer of springs on both the sides, which is further supported with a central rail made from wood. This setting of the spring slat base ensures that you are not disturbed when your partner moves on the bed.

There are many types of full mattresses available in the market. And, you can get any of the above mentioned bases along with the mattress of your choice to create a custom full mattress set for your bed.