What to know about pine furniture

What to know about pine furniture

For a long period, pine wood has been used by carpenters to make pine furniture which is made from the softwood obtained from the pine timber. The main reason why most carpenters love pine wood to make pine furniture is because of its high pliability and also due to the fact that it is readily available. You can find pine tree in every corner of the world thus the reason why pine furniture is all over the world.

The color

The color of all pine furniture is light and has a tint that is orange in color. However, it is possible to stain pine furniture with any color of your choice. Pine furniture can also be painted with a clear coat to make it look bright. However, whether painted, colored or not, pine furniture has knows and grains that are easy to identify making them unique from all the other furniture made of other woods such as oak. If colored, the pine furniture appears to be stuffy and heavy thus suitable and preferred by most carpenters to make dressers, bookshelves, or night stands.

The cost

Pine wood can be found almost everywhere across the world. This has made the cost of pine furniture less expensive compared to other furniture made of other wood like oak.

Makes a room more elegant

The wood that is used to make pine furniture makes it look unique giving the furniture the potential to perfectly make the room look more elegant and cozy. However, it is important to place the pine furniture in a setting that is right such as in the living room. It is also important to note that having too much of the pine furniture in a room may make the room look messy. It is advisable to mix the pine furniture with furniture made of other wood materials such as mahogany or oak.

Pine furniture needs protection

Pine wood is not like other woods that are solid such as mahogany or oak, therefore, any furniture made of pine should be well protected to prevent it from appearing scruffy. In order to prevent pine furniture from wearing out first, majority of carpenters prefer coating it with varnish.

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