What you need to know about curtain holdbacks

What you need to know about curtain holdbacks

Whenever you want to enjoy natural sunlight in your living room, or let a nice summer breeze in; you just take the curtains away and let it all in. Of course you will not just stand there and curtain holdbacks yourself, this when holdbacks come in handy. They are the little decorative thick threads or metallic pieces on the sides of every window, where you can hang the curtains aside to let light or wind or both in. Holdbacks have been used for ages now, and they have evolved vastly over the years.


Curtain holdbacks have many shapes and designs, there are countless ways to apply holdbacks to your curtains. One of the many ways of holding back a curtain is the traditional rope, where there is a small hanger with a thick colored rope on the side of the window.

Whenever you want to hold it back, just gather it and tie is with the rope. One newer way is to have the rope already stitched to the curtain, and you gather it by the rope and put it on a decorative hanger on the side.



You will find many materials used to make curtain holdbacks, starting from ropes till the decorative metal artwork. It all depends on the shape of the holdback you want to apply and where you are going to apply it. The most commonly used ones are the ropes, where the rope is already on the wall or on the curtain itself. It has a beautiful look in a decorative aspect, and it is also easy to use. Metal holdbacks are also popular in many places, as they can be formed in any shape; like tree leaves or any other decorative shape.


It all depends on taste, the variety of curtain holdbacks allows you to make a comfortable choice. Whatever your taste is, you will find something that matches it. There are so many materials, designs and shapes to choose from. There is no right or wrong in this procedure, just go with your taste and pick the ones you like.