White quilt -a soothing comforter

White quilt -a soothing comforter

The word ‘Quilt’ is derived from the French word ‘cuilte’ which in turn is derived from the Latin word ‘culcita’, meaning cushion or mattress. White Quilt refers to the color of the top layer of the material.

What Does Quilt Mean!

  • The quilt usually refers to the thick blanket or comforter used routinely in very cold countries. It usually consists of three layers:
  • The quilt top is the upper layer normally made of soft, woven cotton fabric, which, if white in color leads to the ‘White Quilt’.
  • The middle layer called the “batting or wadding “composed of soft materials such as cotton, wool or even feathers. This layer contributes to the thickness of the bed and is ultimately responsible for the warmth it provides.

The backing material is again made of woven cotton forming the third layer.

Making Of The Quilt

Specially made needles and suitable threads are the basic tools for the sewing activity. The needle is pushed through from the top layer all the way through the three layers to the back and looped again back to the top to complete a stitch. This creates a small dimple at the site of the stitch, gives rise to the characteristic finish. These stitches are placed throughout the extent of the White Quilt in various set patterns to provide pleasing designs. This commonly used method in hand quilting is called the ‘stab stitch ‘or ‘strait stitch’. Another method is ‘rocking stitch’ when a thimble is used on the fingers and the hands are placed on both sides of the quilt. Machine quilting is done by using the home sewing machine or the ‘long arm’ machine. In the former, the three layers are tacked together first and then the quilt is moved through the machine to put the stitches. In the latter the fabric is mounted on a frame and fixed and the machine arm moves over it to fix the stitches. A ‘white quilt’ is obtained by using a colorless front.

Different Shapes And Colors Of Quilt

Quilts in various colors and shapes apart from ‘White Quilt’ are used as furnishings, wall hangings, table cloths etc. It can be given as gifts to newly married couples or new born babies.