Why is the pink bedding obsession only in girls?

Why is the pink bedding obsession only in girls?

Almost all guardians with young girls will understand that when they try buying them beddings, will come across one color from time to time- this is the pink color. In the western countries, there is the obsession of buying products from toys to beddings with the pink colors. When you try to find bed linens of different colors and shades, it can be somewhat frustrating. This article examines why almost all young girls are attracted to the pink colors and why they opt to use the pink bedding. It also examines on whether such kind of obsession might have impacts.

History Of Color And Gender

Back in the early 90s the pink color was a masculine favorite color as opposed to the female gender. In most cases young boys used to dress in this color. The pink bedding and pink clothing appeared to be somewhat stronger than the blue color that is widely used for male clads. During those times, blue colors were used for feminine outfits and beddings. This is due to the fact that they appeared a bit daintier and pale. The reason as to why the shift and change in color preference occurred isn’t clear. Sources have it that, this change occurred when Adolf Hitler ordered homosexuals to be classified. Some were marked with a pink triangle on some parts of their coats, as a representation of “femininity”- the Nazis had the belief that such could be “cured” and thus sent them to concentration camps.

In The Present

In the current era, pink bedding is highly geared to girls. Almost everything that is in this color has a link to femininity. The color has been specifically categorized for women (more so the young ladies) and thus manufacturers understand the fact that making women’s products in this color will highly attract sales. The boys are dominated by orange, blues, and camouflage. If you are opting to buy beddings for your girls then you should consider the color pink.

The Problems

As per experts, the reason for pink color in young girls is somewhat different! According to them, young girls are raised up with the belief that pink is associated with some kind of “princess like image” in the society, and for them to conform to this image, they have to wear pink, use pink, and sleep on pink. That is why young girls flock in the store to buy pink clothing and as well prefer pink bedding. For some of them, pink isn’t there personality, but they feel that they have to conform to it, for them to suit in the society. Some girls might spend most of their productive time in their beddings, just because they are pink colors.