Why sleep is important in our life

Why sleep is important in our life

Sleep implies relaxation to our physical self. Even while we sleep our brain remains active and our dreams carry us to distant places. Good sleep is everyone’s dream and requirement. Sleep is a natural human phenomena and when tired and exhausted people tend to laze around and sleep. Sleep can be induced with the help of medicines also. Sleep is a vital human requirement. Our brain needs rest and it needs to grow, hence SLEEP.


We as human beings would like to enjoy life to the fullest. We like to sleep like a baby and in a carefree manner. Sleep is one way of shedding worries and letting lose the emotions. We sleep and we are refreshed so sleeps gives us pleasure .It can be enhanced by adding a light perfume to the room or your clothes. A good hot water shower and drinking milk before going to bed also induces sleep. Pleasure has different meaning for different people so they can opt for ways to ensure their requirement.

Stress Buster

Sleep is an ultimate stress buster. If you are stressed and fatigued the best way is to sleep and relax. After meals we tend to nap .It is a short sleep. Forget the worries as no one would disturb you in sleep. It is a tactful way that the human body employs for stress reduction. We tend to sleep after heavy work because our body needs rest and relaxation too. Stress is caused by various factors like pressure from work and rude comments from staff or colleagues, all these can be reduced if we have a good sleep at the end of the day.


Sometimes the ambience of the atmosphere induces sleep. Some people find it hard to sleep in the strange place and some would find it even harder to relax in the company of a strange crowd. So it is the ambience that matters altogether. It induces sleep. If the environment is good a tree will grow automatically without any artificial manures similarly our sleep too.


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