Why to use extra long shower curtain

Why to use extra long shower curtain

There is nothing more beautiful than having a decoration touch everywhere in your house, and that includes your bathroom as well. Many people use long shower curtains to add a decorative look to the bathroom, as they come in many great designs that sometimes look like paintings. The shower curtain takes a lot of space, you might as well use that space for many purposes. Extra long shower curtain is also a great way for preventing water leakage, as they go inside the tub while showering.


There are so many designs and painting that can be found on any extra long shower curtain, especially if it is made of plastic. The main use of the shower curtain is to prevent water from going outside of the tub area, which might lead to serious injuries in case of slipping. One other use of the shower curtain is to decorate your bathroom, this purpose is served better if the curtain was extra long. In this case it is spread outside of the tub, hiding it and at the same time showing the drawing on it as a giant painting.


There is a great variety of drawings and solid colors that you find in an long shower curtain, as manufacturers strive to please every taste. The designs vary from simple solid colors to simple shapes and patterns, and it goes up to whole and complete master pieces. Some companies offer the option of creating your own custom shower curtain for you, just send them your desired shape or design and they will produce it for you. So whatever you want to have on your shower curtain is available, if it is not already made; then it can be customized especially for you.


The long shower curtain is made from the materials that any shower curtain is made of, as the only special thing about it is its length. The material is even plastic or treated cloth, the most important thing in it is to be water proof; and both materials provide such an advantage.